Alchemy Credentialing Services

  • Full-Service Credentialing

  • Best option for:
  • Newly licensed providers
  • Established health care providers looking to grow their business
  • Health care providers aiming to boost their yearly income
  • Providers who despise paperwork and prefer to be practicing
  • Email for rates

Full-Service Credentialing

Alchemy Credentialing offers full-service credentialing for all alternative and behavioral health care providers. We’ll take your information, help you decide which insurance companies are best for you, submit all of your information to the insurance companies of your choice and follow up until you have the coveted “in network” status.

We’ll also set up your CAQH account for no additional fee. Already have a CAQH account? We’ll make sure it’s current and ready to be credentialed. Have no idea what a CAQH account is? We’ll explain that too.

With our affordable rates and alternative health care focus, your credentialing fees pay for themselves… fast. We know that you are highly trained professionals, you an stop wasting your time on annoying paperwork. Avoid losing income and turning patients away just because you’re “out of network”. Let us do what we love to help you do what you love.

  • Annual Subscription Services

  • Best option for:
  • Providers who are annoyed with the complicated CEU tracking
  • Health providers who never want to update the CAQH again
  • Anyone who needs a record-keeper and moral support at the drop of a hat
  • Email for rates

Annual Subscription Services

Tired of updating your CAQH? Can’t remember what CEU workshops you’ve attended? Pulling out your hair because you’re renewing your certifications and license and you simply can’t figure out what CEUs go where? (Trust us, we’re alternative healthcare providers too… we’ve been there).

We offer an annual subscription service where we will do it all for you.  We will update your CAQH keep track of your CEU credits and provide timely reports of your CEU status upon request.

Let us take care of pesky paperwork for you. Do what you love. Leave the busy work to us.

  • Recredentialing Services

  • Best option for:
  • Practitioners who are in network but need to clean up locations, Tax ID nightmares or other demographics problems
  • Practitioners who need help finishing the credentialing process
  • Email for rates

Recredentialing Services

Have you started the credentialing process but found it too overwhelming? No idea if you’re in-network, out-of network, or out of your mind?

Credentialing seems simple but can quickly turn complicated on a dime. Call us and tell us your story. We’re happy to sort out the mess… and listen to you cry. We’ve been there.